Working mom

As a working mom, I am constantly challenged to fit exercise into my routine. Between work, toddler, husband, and other family demands, fitting in an hour to work out sometimes seems like an impossible challenge. So I’ve started focusing on little ways I can fit in more exercise. Here are my top 3 right now:

  1. My toddler is a built-in 30 pound weight. I created a game I call ‘Sumo’ that may not win me any glamour points but makes a really great inner thigh workout. I get his attention by grunting and getting in my sumo stance (feet turned out, legs wide in a squat, think big sumo wrestler getting low and ready to attack), then waving my 2-year-old over to me with a look like “I’m gonna grab you and lift you up” (which is always a favorite). He runs to me and squeals in delight while I grab him and raise him over my head. Do this about 15 times and trust me, you’ll feel it the next day! Just be careful to keep your back straight and pelvis tucked under so your thighs do the work, not your lower back.

  2. The 30-minute workout. I have it in my head that a workout has to be an hour to be worth doing, but that’s just not true. I can get into the gym, super set some free weights and selectorized machines so I’m never resting, and get out in 30-40 minutes. That makes a huge difference when I’m trying to fit it in during lunch or right before I go home.

  3. I hate running, but my son used to love stroller rides so I started jogging with him. Now he gets antsy in the stroller, so I’ve bundled it into trips to the park. I tell him we’re going to the swings or the slide, but I take the long way there and jog the whole time. Plus I turn my music up loud on my iPod so he’s developed his favorites and makes requests!