Temperatures may have dropped, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your outdoor exercise routine. We asked four of our Coaches for recommendations on their favorite gear for staying warm and comfortable during their outdoor workouts in the winter. Gear up and join us outdoors!



Headband With Mask Hook

Coach Jacqueline says: I love that this headband has a hook for your mask, which makes it perfect for group fitness classes at In-Shape Outdoors.



Warm Gloves

Coach Josh says: I picked these gloves up for road cycling, but I also use them for running. They are warm and have touchscreen capabilities. Warning - they fit a little snug, so size up.



Quick-Drying Leggings

Coach Andy says: I’ve been running in these leggings as they are made with Nulux(TM) fabric, which is sweat-wicking and quick-drying, to keep me from getting soaked if it’s wet out or getting cold from my sweat permeating the fabric. 



Compression Socks

Coach Jeremiah says: I like wearing compression socks to prevent calf strains and cramping due to cold.



Hooded Track Jacket

Coach Josh says: I got a hooded track jacket last year and I love wearing it during workouts. Get one that’s warm and durable.



Thermal Running Beanie Hat

Coach Jeremiah says: This beanie offers good sweat protection and keeps me warm.



Waterproof Running Shoes

Coach Andy says: These waterproof running shoes will keep your feet from getting wet or cold and prevent irritation. 



Cold Weather Running Shirt

Coach Jeremiah says: This running shirt is still thin and light but keeps my body warm, good for outdoor workouts and cardio.



Touchscreen Compatible Gloves

Coach Andy says: I received these gloves for Christmas and they have been great for early morning runs. It's nice that they’re touchscreen compatible so I don't have to take them off when I want to respond to a message or change a song. 



Warm, Cushioned Socks

Coach Josh says: When I’m on my road bike or running, these socks keep my feet warm. They also provide some extra cushioning for my feet. Big plus is that they look awesome, too!



Trail Running Shoes

Coach Jeremiah says: These let you run through pretty much anything and keep your feet dry and warm.