When you work looooong hours and bring work home with you, it can be difficult to find time to commit to regular exercise. But adding movement to your day has a ton of benefits—for both your physical and mental health. Workaholics, this one’s for you: try some of these tips.



1. Make sleep a priority

If you’re working long hours, sleep will help prevent burnout and make sure you properly recover from your workouts. Keep your sleep hours sacred so you can get enough sleep (at least 7 hours!) and do what you can to ensure sleep quality.


2. Save time with short workouts

If you need a short but super effective workout, reserve a spot in an M7: HIIT class. These studio classes are just 30 minutes, but you’ll leave the club knowing you got a killer workout.

At the club on your lunch break? No problem. Try this 20-minute workout with Coach Andy or complete our 29-Minute Circuit.


3. Work out at home

Some days, coming to the club for your ideal workout just isn’t gonna happen. On those days, snag a free virtual workout on In-Shape Digital. All the classes are short to make sure they fit into your busiest day—but even a 10-minute workout will get you closer to your fitness goals. In-Shape Digital offers cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, yoga, barre, senior classes and more.


4. Work on your nutrition

Making healthier choices in the kitchen will lead to big fitness gains. When you work long hours, it can be really easy to rely on takeout. According to Forbes, millennials spend 44% of their food dollars eating away from home!

Want to know the secret healthy eating weapon of busy people? Meal prepping! Do the heavy lifting in the kitchen on the day you’re least busy. Some people also subscribe to healthy meal delivery boxes like Purple Carrot, Daily Harvest or Blue Apron.


5. Track your workouts – and your progress

Seeing how much you’re improving will help keep you motivated. Whether you use a fitness tracker, a spreadsheet, or good old pen and paper, keep track of your workouts to help keep you accountable on those extra long days.

Once a month, we recommend tracking your progress with an InBody scan. In just 45 seconds, this machine monitors your weight, muscle, fat and water so you can see how much fat you’ve lost and how much muscle you’ve gained. InBody scans are free for In-Shape members, so make a reservation every month!