While the class of 2020 may have pictured something a little different to celebrate their graduation milestones, we can still shower them with praise, thoughtful cards and of course gifts you can order online! Check out our list of graduation gift ideas and find something they’ll love!

For the grad who needs a little help waking up:
This alarm clock mimics natural light to make it a little easier to rise and shine.

To help your grad have calm, restful nights:
Weighted blankets can relieve stress and give a sense of calm so they can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle that term paper, or their opponent on the football field.

For the grad headed to college out of state (or from NorCal to SoCal and vice versa):
This Homesick candle has a special scent to remind your grad of their home state. You can even choose NorCal or SoCal.

For the grad who wants to travel the world:
As your grad experiences new travel adventures, they can scratch off locations on this map.

For grads finding themselves:
Whether or not they’ve read Michelle Obama’s memoir, they’ll still enjoy this guided journal.

For busy grads that want to eat healthy:
A subscription or gift card to Daily Harvest will ensure they always have healthy meals ready.

For grads who love a healthy snack:
Late nights study sessions will call for snacks. With a subscription snack box delivering healthier alternatives, you’re both happy.

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