Starbucks drinks are popular for a reason—they’re delicious! But they aren’t always the healthiest choice. If you’re not careful, it can be pretty easy to get more than your daily recommended servings of sugar before you’re even done with your morning coffee (we’re looking at you, Java Chip Frappuccino).


We’re not saying you need to switch to drinking black coffee every day. Sure, that would be less sugar and calories, but it’s not what most people have on their minds when they pull into the Starbucks drive thru. Some of the items on the Starbucks menu are just best left as an occasional treat rather than a daily perk-up.


So, in the spirit of treating yo’self while still taking care of yo’self, we have some pro-tips for cutting down on sugar—plus some of our favorite healthier Starbucks drinks to order.



Healthier Starbucks tips:

  • Try your drink with almond milk. FYI, while soy milk sounds like a healthy option, Starbucks soy milk has been sweetened and contains a surprising amount of sugar – we’re talking 25 grams of sugar for a Grande size.

  • Go easy on the pumps! If you love those iconic Starbucks flavors and want to avoid the artificial sugars in the sugar-free syrup, it’s easy to ask your barista to make your drink “half-sweet”. You’ll get the familiar taste (just less intense) with less sugar and calories.

  • Instead of whipped cream ask for cold foam on top. This frothed milk topping (which can also be made with plant-based milks) will give you that decadent creamy goodness without the sugar.



Healthier Drinks with Fall Vibes

Craving fall flavors every day? We get it. Here are some alternatives to that sugar-bomb PSL. (You could also make a healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte at home)

  • Chai tea – naturally fall-flavored using cinnamon, cloves and ginger. You can add your milk of choice to make it a chai latte or add some sweetness…but this tea tastes pretty delicious on its own.

  • Ask for Pumpkin Spice topping added to your favorite coffee drink to help you get into that fall mood. Check our list of “anytime drinks” below if you’re not sure what to order!

  • Steamed apple juice with a sprinkle of cinnamon – tastes as good as cider, without the added sugar.



Healthier Anytime Drinks

  • Brewed teas  Zero calories or sugar per sip in brewed teas, plus antioxidants to boot. Starbucks offers a pretty wide variety of teas, from Emperor’s Clouds & Mist to Peach Tranquility. If you want it sweet, you can add your choice of honey, agave nectar, or other sweeteners.

  • Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew – This is coffee that's been brewed cold with Cascara syrup, which is a sweet blend made from the skins of coffee cherries. The foam on top is cold, frothed nonfat milk also sweetened with Cascara syrup.

  • Caffè Misto – Equal parts coffee and steamed milk, this drink contains 110 calories and 10g of sugar in a grande. Swap for a plant-based milk for even better stats!

  • Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso – Oat milk is still pretty new to the Starbucks menu, but we’re here for that creamy, plant-based goodness. We recommend ordering this one half-sweet.

  • Cappuccino – This one’s a classic for a reason! Espresso under a decadent layer of milk foam. Sprinkle a little cinnamon or nutmeg on top for an extra dash of flavor.

  • Blonde Flat White – If Starbucks coffees are too bitter for you without a ton of sweeteners, you should give their blonde espresso a try. Fun fact — the Blonde Roast is also highest in caffeine!