Couple Running with Dog

Want to burn fat, reduce your risk of heart disease and become more energetic? Of course, we all do! The answer is easy—cardio every other day keeps the doctor away. Here are five of our favorite ways to get your body in motion: jogging, swimming, pylometrics, yoga, and LES MILLS ™ Classes.

Improve your body’s cardiovascular fitness and burn calories with a little jog or walk. Even 10 minutes a day can help your health. Plus you can do it anywhere, from around your neighborhood to the treadmill at the club.

Swimming is an exercise you’ll want to dive right into. It’s a great cardio workout because its impact free and you’re less likely to get injured while swimming. Just 30 minutes will leave you feeling refreshed.

Carry your own weight with plyometric exercises. From push-ups to jumping squats, these exercises help you get in shape using nothing more than your own weight. Talk about heavy lifting.

When you think cardio, your first thought definitely isn’t yoga, but a one-hour yoga class will give your heart a great workout. Yoga mixes resistance training, relaxation and light cardio to strengthen your mind and your body.

LES MILLS ™ isn’t just one of our favorites, it’s actually pretty popular all around the world. LES MILLS ™ classes are challenging and scientifically proven to make you a healthier human. (How about that!?)

Just choosing a few of these to do every other day will help you achieve a happy (and healthy) heart!