Memorial Day is here! Many of you will pause to remember the armed men and women who have fallen in service to our nation with a pool party or backyard BBQ featuring some of your favorite foods: chargrilled hot dogs, juicy burgers, creamy potato salad, salty chips, cold ice cream and sweet lemonade.


It’s good to enjoy the foods you love, especially when you have the opportunity to practice mindful eating, but if you’d like to offer something lighter on your Memorial Day menu, we’ve pulled together a few healthy swaps for classic BBQ dishes.


 Give up on that...


 Grub on this...

Onion dip
Cold and creamy this dip is the perfect companion to salty crunchy chips. But enjoy in moderation! There are 60 calories in just two tablespoons, 45 of which are from fat. 

Cucumbers with hummus
You can enjoy half a cucumber and three tablespoons of hummus for just under 100 calories. What’s more, there are added benefits: 4g of fiber and 5g of protein.

Hot dog
A hot dog runs you on average a minimum of 150 calories and that’s without the bun and all the fixings.

Lean chicken
Marinate some chicken breasts in garlic, ginger and a touch of low sodium soy sauce to avoid the sugar in BBQ sauce and chuck it on a hot grill for a deLITEful alternative.

The average burger comes in at 350 calories (at least!), so cheeseburgers should be kept as an occasional treat.

Turkey burgers
Try some 93% lean turkey patties wrapped in crunchy romaine lettuce leaves. Add chargrilled onions for an extra punch of flavor without the fat. Plus, all that lean protein will work wonders to repair those glutes after BODYPUMP!

Creamy potato salad, coleslaw or pasta salads
With additions like mayo, bacon grease, cheese and fat, these savory sides aren’t always as healthy as they seem.

German potato salad
Skip the cream and try a lighter take on the classic side with a German potato salad that’s chock full of fresh herbs and spices. You won’t even notice the cream is missing! 

Sugary soda
While an ice-cold cola can go down a treat at a pool party, remember it’ll set ya back a whopping 140 calories, not to mention the crazy amount of added sugar.

Sparkling water with fruit
Throw together a refreshing alternative by slicing lemons, limes and oranges and adding one slice of each to your ice cold sparkling water. Crisp, clean and refreshing without the calories. Plus it’ll keep you hydrated for your next workout!


From all of us at In-Shape, thank you to all the men and women who have served, are serving or will serve in our military. We salute you today, and every day!