Labor Day is the official end of summer with lots of yummy treats coming your way—but some treats are worse for you than others! Check out these healthy eating tips to keep you on track for the long weekend ahead.


Be a Picky Eater

No seriously—be smart at your party or picnic and fill up on veggies instead of the sugar-filled treats on the table. (You can even volunteer to bring some healthy choices yourself if no one else is bringing any.) And when it comes to burgers, either bring your own turkey or veggie version or just stick to grilled chicken instead. 


Rise and Shine

Before the festivities get underway for the day, get your workout over and done with. You may have to wake up early, but, remember, you have the rest of the day to relax (and nap, if you need to). Slept through your alarm? No worries! Try taking a short jog around the neighborhood or playing touch football with your kids.



By grilling your food, you cut down on fat, while giving your food a ton of flavor. Just don’t go too crazy on the mayo and cheese-filled side dishes and dips. Add some healthy fruits and vegetables to your meal, and you’ll have yourself a healthy (and delicious) Labor Day.


Plan Ahead

Make sure you have a healthy snack before going to any social gathering. When you’re less hungry, you’ll be more likely to make better food choices. The worst thing you can do is to skip your morning or daytime meals before an evening event. You may think you’re saving calories, but in reality you’re setting yourself up to overeat.


Step Aside

Instead of hanging out by the buffet table, step away from the food so it’s not within easy reach. Think out of sight, out of mind. This simple strategy will help you focus less on the food and more on the fun of the party or get together.


BYO—Bring Your Own!

This one’s super important to remember. Offer to bring your own healthy dishes to the celebration. Consider making a colorful platter of roasted veggies as an appetizer or bringing a hummus or guacamole dip with cut up vegetables. When you fill up first with healthy foods, you’ll be less likely to eat the unhealthy options.


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