When you’re at the club using one of our yoga mats, cleaning is easy: we have wipes and spray ready for you. But when you want to namaste at home, do a virtual yoga class, or bring your own mat to our studio, it’s not so simple. If you’ve ever found yourself gazing down at your mat while in downward dog wondering how clean it is, these tips are for you.



Do you really need to clean your mat?

In short, yeah. Even if you wipe off your feet before getting on the mat, the truth is, germs, bacteria, and fungus—including the kind that cause athlete’s foot and ringworm—could still be living in your yoga mat, so you’ll want to give it a good clean each time you use it.


For routine cleaning

For routine cleaning that’s easy enough to do after every yoga session, you can create your own DIY mat cleaner: Mix equal parts water and white vinegar and add a generous dash of tea tree oil. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray your mat all over, then use a clean towel to rub the cleaner into the mat using circular motions. Let your mat dry, then clean the other side. If possible, let your mat dry over the back of a chair for 8 hours. Once dry, roll it up and store it.


If you’re not comfortable making your own DIY mat cleaner, these yoga mat cleaners are highly rated online:





For deep cleaning

To take care of the grime and dirt buildup that can happen over time, you’ll want to give your yoga mat a little extra love. Consider cleaning it at least once a month, or more often if you notice dirty spots.


You can deep-clean your yoga mat using water and dish soap. It’s easiest to do this in your shower or bathtub. Mix water and a few drops of soap (a little goes a long way) into a bowl. Dip a rag in the soapy water, then clean the mat using circular motions. Wipe the mat clean with a towel, then air dry.



Always make sure your yoga mat is completely dry before rolling it up to store it.