Unless your New Year’s Resolution for 2020 was “learn to bake bread” or “watch more Netflix,” you probably didn’t have a chance to follow through with your goals this year. While we don’t have a crystal ball to know what’s in store for 2021, that doesn’t mean we should skip the goal setting altogether; setting goals and intentions can help us keep moving toward what we want, even when things get tough. For 2021, it’s all about setting flexible and realistic goals. Here’s how.



Choose something achievable – for you, not others

While choosing new goals, it can be dangerous to compare yourself to others. Sure, some people achieved new PRs and ran their first marathons in 2020, but most of us were just trying to get through it and remember to brush our teeth every day. What’s a specific, achievable goal that you can work toward this year? Maybe it’s working out three times per week, dedicating time for self-care on Sunday nights, or only ordering takeout once a week.


Consider setting a broader intention instead

If you’re naturally a go-getter—or if New Year’s Resolutions are always a struggle—consider leaving your super-specific goals behind for something broader in 2021. Coach Jacqueline chooses a new one-word intention for the year. This could be a word like “Health” (which might mean scheduling the check-ups you’ve been avoiding, making changes to your diet and exercising more) or “Explore” (which could look like taking a new fitness class each month or trying that new hobby you’ve been curious about). Some more one-word resolution options we love for 2021? Balance, belong, creativity, intuition, enough.


Stay flexible with the “how”

Once you’ve chosen your goal or intention, leave some room for flexibility. If possible, brainstorm a Plan B (and even C!) in case you encounter difficulties later in the year.


For many of us, our 2021 resolution is to improve our fitness. If you’re close enough to one of our In-Shape Outdoors locations, you’ll be able to enjoy classes and workout machines. But in case of inclement weather during those important first months of your resolution, have a back-up plan ready. Joining an online fitness platform like Find Your FYT is a smart and affordable choice—you can do these on-demand video workouts at home.



Here’s to a year of staying flexible and reaching our goals. Here’s to 2021!