You’ve heard it before: “As soon as the new year starts, I'm going back at the gym.” Or maybe it’s, “I’m starting my healthy eating plan,” or “I’ll lose 10 pounds...”


But the real question is: Why wait? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to wake up on January 1st knowing you’ve already completed your goal, or at least knowing that you’re well on your way? With just a few mental shifts, you can do it! Here’s how to maintain your level of fitness—and crush your goals—through the holidays.



1. Think about where you’d like to be in your fitness journey on January 1st.

Take some quality time and think about what you could accomplish in seven weeks. Then write it down! You are 47% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down. Put it somewhere you’ll see it so you get excited about reaching it every day.


2. Make a plan! Decide in advance how you will get there.

If you have a goal to run a 5k by January 1st, map out a plan to start training now. How many miles a week will you train? How many days a week? You can find all kinds of running plan calculators online. (Plus, get a dose of motivation in our In-Shape Run Club Facebook group.) No matter what kind of goal you have, making a clear plan will make it easier to complete.


3. Shift your mindset during holiday food swaps and get-togethers. 

It’s a lot harder to move away from something than to move towards something. Instead of thinking, “I can't eat the cookie,” think: “I get to eat this delicious, nutrient-dense plate of fresh fruit and heathy nuts.” Focus on how good you’ll feel the next day during your training session if you choose the healthier option now. And if you do indulge, go for quality rather than quantity.


4. Focus on the feeling of achievement—and let go of small setbacks.

If you miss a day or two, or go a little overboard one meal, don’t let that stop you from trying in the next meal or the next day. It’s never too late and every day is a new day to begin again!


5. Reflect each day.

Spend some time at the end of your day visualizing what success will feel like come January 1st if you stick to your plan. Remind yourself what you’ll do tomorrow to get closer to your goal.



Whatever your goals are, you are capable of achieving them, no matter how small or how big. Keep your goals close and keep up the good work. You can totally do this!