Your week? Hectic. Your to-do list? A mile long. On your busiest days, your workout (AKA your “me time”) is more important than ever. You deserve those post-workout endorphins!


To save you time and get you moving and motivated, we rounded up a few of our most-streamed free workout classes this month. Give them a try to find out why.



1. Cardio Dance #07: Coach Condy

 Cardio Dance With Coach Condy

Need a pick-me-up? Take this 20-minute class dancing with Coach Condy. It just might be what you need to turn your day around.



2. Yoga #01: Coach Jacqueline

 Yoga With Coach Jacqueline

We love yoga with Coach Jacqueline, and we are all about the poolside views in this class! This beginner-friendly flow offers an awesome strength workout with a focus on challenging yoga poses that anyone can perform.



3. JUMP-LESS Aerobic Workout: Coach Marin

 Jump-less Workout With Coach Marin

Coach Marin fan club, sounding off! Whether you’re working through an injury (like Coach Marin) or hate how the jumps in other plyometric workouts feel, this is the class for you.


4. Pilates #05: Coach Laurie

 Pilates With Coach Laurie

This Pilates-inspired workout with coach Laurie is brought to you by the number 8! That’s 8 reps of every move. Sound easy? Don’t worry—you’ll feel the burn (in the best way).



5. M7: HIIT Reset Bootcamp #07: Coach Andy

 M7: HIIT With Coach Andy

This workout was originally part of our first M7: HIIT Bootcamp, but you can enjoy this 30-minute class at any time. Go at your own pace and get ready to work those hip flexors, obliques and glutes in this fun workout.



Still haven’t signed up? If you’re easing your way back into fitness after a winter quarantine hibernation or just don’t have time to make it to the club this week, you can stream these classes and work out from the comfort of your living room!


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