We’ve pulled together the ultimate workout guide to keep you motivated  - it’s a compilation of all the awesome workouts from our Trainers! You’ll find new ideas to tone those arms, build a better booty, HIIT your cardio goals, and hopefully find something you absolutely love doing on the gym floor. Any questions? You know who to ask (our Trainers!).


 Quick exercises that sculpt strong, toned arms

Make these exercises a staple on your arm days to be ready for the seemingly never-ending tank top season we’re lucky to have in California!


 20-minute total body strength workout

If your middle name is busy, this is the perfect go to work out to strengthen the entire body. Build muscle, increase power and feel confident all in 20 minutes.


 Top 5 Best Booty Builders

Who doesn’t want to build a better booty? Add these five moves to your weekly routine!


 20-minute Explosive HIIT Workout

High-intensity interval training is an incredibly effective way to get those fitness gains while getting to work on time. This workout is fast, fun and will definitely get your heart pumping.



 How to Get that Bubble Butt

Our Trainers break down exactly what to do to pop that peach, get that bubble butt, and lift that gift! Go ahead, you know you want to watch this video!


 Heart-Smart Couple Workout

Exactly what you think it is – the perfect heart-pumping workout to do with your partner, your bestie or your workout buddy! Pair it with sometime in the cardio theatre to really burn those calories.


 Hate Burpees? Try these 3 Moves Instead!

If you’re like a solid majority, the burpee is your favorite exercise to hate. Want the benefits without the Burpees? Try these 3 moves instead.


 29-minute Circuit

A total body workout in 29-minutes. You’re in, you’re out, and you’re set for the day. Try it today.



 In-Shape’s Guide to Staying Fit on the Fly

Whether you’re travelling for vacation or for work, it can be hard to stay fit on the fly. Try this workout when you’re away from the gym – remember consistency is key to success in any fitness journey!


 In-Shape’s Guide to the Complete Physique

Last but certainly not least, this workout focuses on the entire posterior chain to build strength along the entire back body. Don’t forget your backside!


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