What you need

  • Latex balloon
  • String or Painter’s Tape (optional: see note)



Balloon volleyball is a fun indoor activity for kids and adults to play together, and much safer than playing ball in the house! As a bonus, this activity gets your kids moving and challenges their balance and core strength.


The net:

Create a “net” by suspending a string across the room at approximate head height of the shortest player. You can also divide the room using Painter’s Tape along the floor.


How to play:

Players must stay on their side of the “net” and not let the balloon hit the ground on their side. For older kids, give them a maximum number of times they can touch the balloon before it must pass over the net. Each time the balloon hits the ground, that’s a point for the other team.


The first player or team to reach 25 points wins!


More ways to play:

If you have pool noodles from last summer in storage, you can use those as “paddles” for another challenging version of the game.


If you don’t have a balloon, you can also play with a beach ball – but make sure there’s nothing around that’s easily breakable!


Note: If you don’t have supplies to create a net, play “Defying Gravity” instead. Blow up one or two more balloons, and all players work together to keep the balloons off the ground.