Walking is a great way to exercise. It burns calories, works your leg muscles and helps you get some much-needed fresh air. This mood-boosting activity is also low-impact and a workout you can do pretty much anywhere. If you’re looking to spice up your walks and make them more challenging, here are ten easy ways to make your walk into even more of a workout.



1. Incorporate bodyweight moves

Squat the entire length of the red light while waiting for it to change, or stop and do 10 lunges once every minute.


2. Use ankle weights

You’d be surprised what a difference this makes!


3. Try intervals

Walk as fast as you can for 1 minute, walk at a normal pace for 1 minute, repeat!


4. Carry hand weights

You’ll want to start with very light dumbbells (1-2 lbs). You could even carry a water bottle in each hand!


5. Walk longer

Increase the duration of your walk by 5 minutes each time.


6. Add a hill

Find a hill nearby, walk up it 5 times.


7. Change direction

Every 5 minutes, walk backwards or sideways for 1 minute.


8. Add stairs

Start or end your walk by going up and down the stairs, or find a stairwell to include in the middle of your walk.


9. Use a fitness tracker

Beat your number of steps each time you walk!


10. Mix up the terrain

Walk on grass, pavement, dirt trails, etc. This will work different parts of your muscles.