Jonathan GoetzeI began working with a personal trainer at In-Shape: Palmdale around the time I turned 60.  At that point in my life I weighed around 240, was suffering from chronic knee pain and sciatica, and my doctor was insisting I go on medication for high cholesterol and prediabetes symptoms.  My daily lifestyle mostly consisted of going to work and coming home to lie on my bed watching television until bedtime.


I definitely credit my regular training sessions with Briana for a major turnaround in my life.  Within six months of working out regularly with her, I had lost 30 pounds and have successfully kept the weight off.  At my last physical, all my cholesterol and blood sugar readings were on the good side.  When I decided on knee replacement surgery, I credit Briana’s support and expertise with speeding my full recovery.  I recently returned from a very strenuous and rewarding week-long backpacking and climbing trip in the Sierras.


It is absolutely true that without health you really have nothing. I consider the cost of personal training sessions at In-Shape to be probably the best money I’ve ever spent.