BODYPUMP Class in Progress

What started in a gym from Auckland, New Zealand has turned into an international workout program loved by millions. LES MILLS® has 18 fitness programs that can be found in 15,500 clubs in 80 countries. LES MILLS® was the first to offer group workouts paired with modern music, a popular technique in most fitness programs today. It originally began with BODYPUMP®, but has now grown to offer many other diverse programs such as BODYCOMBAT® and more.

One of our own LES MILLS® instructors, Jennifer CR., offered to answer some questions about her experience with BODYCOMBAT® and why you should try it out!


Why did you choose to be a BODYCOMBAT Instructor?

Jennifer: I have always been a fan of LES MILLS® since discovering their programs about 6 years ago and attending an occasional class. However, I took my first BODYCOMBAT® class about two and half years ago and instantly fell in love. In 2014, I decided to become an instructor because I connected with the program in a very meaningful way, loving the way it made me feel both physically and emotionally.  15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic, painful and often debilitating illness that turned my life upside down. With each BODYCOMBAT® workout, I am reminded that I can break barriers and stereotypes; that I can still have a strong, meaningful life and can live inspired to be healthier, stronger and more resilient each day with determination and grace.


What do you like the most about LES MILLS® and BODYCOMBAT?

Jennifer: The programs offered by LES MILLS® are the best of the best in the fitness industry, hands down. Regardless of how you like to work out, Les Mills has a program suitable for everyone. What I love most about BODYCOMBAT® is the essence and content of the program at its core.  All of the details that go into formatting a release --  from the strong, authentic martial arts inspiration and leading participants through strikes with their proper names, with attention to form and targets; to fantastic, energizing and inspirational music, these components make for an fantastic and empowering workout experience.


Why should our members try BODYCOMBAT ®?

Jennifer: People should try BODYCOMBAT® to discover a physical and inner strength and power they may not know they have within them. This program is a highly effective cardio, conditioning and strength workout that will not only push the limits of your body, but also those of your mind. It will inspire you to get stronger, faster and more determined each time, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey and to use that same drive and determination in other areas of your life. As the tag line says, to "Keep it Real and Stay with the Fight."


You can try out BODYCOMBAT®, or any of the other LES MILLS® programs at In-Shape Health Clubs. Check out your clubs class schedule on our website for more information.