Kim Lopez B/A

After I had my son, I gained 61 lbs. and was unable to shed the weight. Before I started going to the gym, my body fat percentage was 41% and I was not physically active whatsoever. I was incredibly depressed and my eating habits were beyond poor.


In February of 2016, I finally built up the courage to start working out again and focused mainly on losing weight and decreasing my body fat percentage. When it came to working out my upper body, I was a BIG fan of  the bench press and I started with 45 lbs., a bar and no added weight. I am now able to do 165 lbs. on bench press and I won first place in a weight lifting competition! My lean body mass was at 154.6% when I started to work out consistently and is now at 180.3%. When it comes to food I have been eating much cleaner and psychologically it has changed my negative mood into a positive one. I am happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before! I can not thank In-Shape enough for the guidance provided to me in reaching my goals and winning first place in a bench press competition!