Many things in life get better with age: your problem-solving skills, self-confidence, financial stability, wisdom…we could go on. But many people report having more trouble losing weight after they reach the big 5-0.


A slower metabolism, more sedentary lifestyle, medical issues or injuries could all play a part, but it’s far from impossible to lose weight after 50—in fact, it might be easier than you think. Here are 8 simple ways to amp up your weight loss.


1. Eat Out Less

When the kids move out, it can be tough figuring out how to cook for fewer people. The urge to swing by the drive-thru is strong, but you’re stronger! Eat at home whenever you can, where you’re more likely to choose healthier options. For ultra-fast food that’s still good for you, look into a healthy meal delivery service.  


2. Do Strength Training AND Cardio

You’ve probably heard that strength training is important for maintaining muscle mass, keeping your bones strong and improving mobility as you age. But cardio plays an important role in your fitness level and weight loss. Cardio will help you offset calorie consumption (helping you lose weight) and can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


3. Turn Off the TV
People tend to consume more calories when they eat while watching television. When we’re distracted by an entertaining show, it can be harder to focus on mindful eating and remember to stop when we feel full. Try turning off the tube and enjoying your meal without distraction.


4. Limit Alcohol

We all know wine gets better with age, but alcoholic beverages contain a lot of empty calories. Cutting down on how often you partake is an easy way to cut calories.


healthy meal 

5. Prioritize Fiber

Make sure your meals have plenty of fiber! Fiber can help you feel fuller for longer and can help fight heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels. Eating more high fiber foods like beans, oats and almonds can also help lower blood pressure.


6. Spice Things Up

Not only will you make your meals more delicious and interesting by adding spices, it might also help you lose weight. A 2011 study demonstrated that people who added cayenne pepper to their meals showed a decreased desire to consume fatty, sweet, or salty foods.


7. Try a New Class or Sport

Ready to feel like a kid again? Try something new that gets you moving. Not only will you burn calories, you might meet new friends! Check out In-Shape’s Pickleball events for the year, take an Aqua class, or browse the class schedule at your local club and attend a group fitness class you’ve never tried before.


8. Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor can help diagnose any issues that may be affecting your weight (like sleep apnea or pre-diabetes) and help you determine a plan for your diet and exercise goals.