Hi, In-Shape! It’s me, your favorite copywriter, Katherine. When I’m not writing content for In-Shape’s Member Buzz or strategizing with our social team, I stay active in roller derby and am what you might call a group fitness fanatic. I take everything from BODYFLOW® to yoga to cycle classes, and am trying to work my way through trying every format In-Shape offers (turns out there are a LOT). I also never miss my weekly BODYPUMP® class with my dad at our Brentwood club. Needless to say, I was excited to give our newest format, M7: STRONG, a try. Here’s what I thought.



I definitely had BODYPUMP® in mind when I walked into the group fitness studio for my first M7: STRONG class, since BODYPUMP® is In-Shape’s most popular strength format. To my surprise, it’s a very different vibe. M7: STRONG feels more like a bootcamp or a group training session than your usual group fitness class. It was kind of a breath of fresh air — I love group fitness classes, but I loved the chance to try something new!


Coach Andy led our class and told us our call and response for the class: “When I ask how you’re doing, you reply back: ‘STRONG!’” An awesome playlist was already playing when we entered the room and set up our stations — I thought the vibe of the playlist suited the workout and helped me get through the toughest parts.


I’ve taken M7: HIIT a few times (which, full transparency, always feels very challenging to me — HIIT classes aren’t my jam), and that class is bodyweight only, so I expected the same for this class. It turns out M7: STRONG needs some gear: three dumbbell options (I grabbed 12lb, 10lb, and 5lb) and a yoga mat. I was grateful I had dumbbell options and switched up which weights I used depending on the exercise — and according to fatigue.


We did an AMRAP of upper body, then a 3-minute ab challenge where a partner and I traded off exercises, then a lower body AMRAP, then another ab challenge. It was a challenging class, but I felt good afterwards—not so drained I felt like I needed to lie down, but like I’d gotten in a great workout, especially considering it was only 30 minutes. Challenging, but in a good way!


I’d recommend M7: STRONG to the strength fanatics, those who are looking for a group training or bootcamp vibe, and to my fellow BODYPUMP® fans who want to try something different.


Ready to give this new group training experience a try? You’ll need to book a reservation in the app—look for M7: STRONG. It’s rolling out at even more clubs soon. You can also click here for a list of clubs currently offering M7: STRONG.