Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems difficult at times, but sometimes you just have to stand back and take a look at your workout. Since June, I’ve been moved into a temporary position that is more sedentary than I am used to. After my first month in this new position I had gained a few pounds and I thought, “OK I need to figure something out and quick.”

See, I’m 50 and weight comes on quickly and takes twice as long to get it off. I looked at my exercise program and changed it by increasing my cardio by 15 minutes each day and by adding more reps to each of my weight training sets. It’s been a month since I started doing that and I am maintaining my weight. I haven’t lost what I gained yet but I am maintaining until I move back into my more active position. Just remember the key is to just take a moment and think about how you can change your workout routine. If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what you should change, as a member of In-Shape there are resources available to help you. Like what? You might ask. One resource is you have employees from In-Shape who live the same lifestyle you do. Just ask them about what they do and we are all more than willing to help. Just remember that when things in our lives change keep the healthy lifestyle you started. It will relieve stress and help you maintain what you’ve achieved until you can resume your normal routine or maybe even what your “new” normal will be.

-Paula L.