Eating Before vs. Eating After The Gym: The answer is both. Think of making a roundtrip with your vehicle where you begin without any gas and you don’t refuel on the way back. How do you think your car will handle the trip? Well, your body is no different. It needs energy before and after. This doesn’t mean that you overeat before and binge after. Choosing the right foods before and after make a world of difference in the results you can see. I recommend eating just a simple piece of fruit before you to the gym, and a healthy protein supplement after (in either bar or shake form). Experiment with different foods and snacks to see what time and choices give you the best energy to get through your workout. Please be aware that your body may need extra time to process your food to avoid any mishaps from happening. It is recommended that you have your pre workout meal or snack anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours before your gym visit and to have your post workout meal or snack within 30 minutes after your workout. AM vs PM workouts: If you are not a morning person your body will not be willing to put in an early morning workout as well. Find a time that works best for you, meaning when you know you will be at an optimal level of energy and will be able to focus on putting maximum effort at the gym. This doesn’t mean drinking an energy drink and running a six minute mile, it means where you will be able to get the most out of your workout. If going to the gym works best for you after work, then make it a point to go to the gym after work. If lunch time happens to be better for you, then budget your time wisely to be able to get the best workout in a small amount of time. This is all about you, what works best for you, but that doesn’t mean that you should think of the couch to be the best choice as opposed to the gym simply because you are tired. If you use that excuse, you’re in a whole heap of trouble. Physical activity is better than none at all, so make it a point in your daily life to get some in somehow, someway, and sometime in the day. Phase vs. Lifestyle: We are all busy, but making it to the gym should not feel like a chore; it is a conscious choice you are making to continuously change your quality of life. You can’t expect changes and results in your body to surface without a commitment; your commitment to yourself should be, “This is a part of me now.” This is not a fad, this is not a phase, now is the time to say “I am finally taking control of my health, my life, and my body.” There is nothing easier than saying “I’ll start tomorrow,” but if you’ve said that yesterday and the day before then you have a commitment issue with your body and your health; there is nothing worse than having a poor relationship with your body. Take care of your body for a lifetime, not just three months, and you will see that an In-Shape lifestyle is made for everyone. All it takes is you visualizing that you can do it, you just have to figure out how. Just like moving, first you have to start with packing the small stuff, then moving the furniture and the kitchen appliances, then make sure you did not pack your wallet, phones, and keys in one of the first boxes. It takes time. Whatever avenue you take, always remember that people have been there before, people make new paths, and some, unfortunately, end up where they started. Where do you want to be? Make the move, get out of your comfort zone, find a buddy, seek help from a professional, fuel your body, and don’t stop until you get to that body you want. Then you’ll go from saying “I want to be In-Shape,” to “I am in In-Shape.”