Still working from home? For some of us, this may be the new normal. Follow our tips on how to maximize your work time without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, learn how to use this extra time at home as an opportunity to make changes to your diet and exercise routine.



1. Time-Block
Schedule your day into 1-hour blocks with 15-minute breaks to transition to the next task. Your 1-hour blocks can include anything from work time, walking with your kids, or self-care time. Don’t forget to include time for healthy meals!

2. Set Expectations
Be clear about your schedule with your family or roommates. Discuss your upcoming day or week and when you’ll need to be left alone to focus on important tasks. You can create a shareable calendar right from your phone so your family or roommates don’t have to remember every task.

3. Make Working Out A Priority
Regularly working out will help keep you mentally sharp and ready to tackle critical-thinking tasks. So squeeze that workout into your schedule! Check out 360 by In-Shape for virtual classes – free for a limited time.

4. Make Space
Set up a specific work zone for yourself. Let your family know that when you’re in that space, you are focusing on a task. Even if the area is your dining room table, grab a bin that holds all your work essentials so they can easily be put away when it’s time to eat.  This will help you focus on one task at a time and really maximize your productivity.

5. Meal Prep
Use your weekends or one night per week to prep your meals for the week. This could mean batch-cooking or just writing out a menu so you don’t have to make last-minute (potentially unhealthy) decisions during the day. Check out our Meal Prep 101 for more ideas.


If you don’t get everything done during the day, that’s okay! Start fresh tomorrow with a plan of attack to make your week successful. You’ve got this!