You MAY or MAY not believe it but it’s MAY! While summer may not technically start until June, we live in California and are lucky enough to have the sun shining most of the year. Be perfectly prepared to bare those arms this summer with our May fitness challenge: PUSH UPS!


Push-ups are one of the most effective exercises to tone the upper body and condition your core. Plus, you can control the intensity and level of difficulty so as you get stronger you can adjust your challenge level.  


Start off on your knees and build up slowly to your toes. Or if you’re a push-up aficionado, double up and do twice as many as the challenge calls for. Really want to level up? Try one handed or with one leg crossed over the other. Make sure you show us your push-ups by posting with #InShapeAttitude! Oh, and bonus points for those of you doing them on the TRX suspension training system!


30 day push up challenge