Do you sit down at work all day? Or hunch over your keyboard? Or have a long commute? All of these things can wreak havoc on your posture and be a serious pain the neck (literally).


By focusing on the pull, you can improve the functional strength and mobility in the back, shoulders and arms. Most importantly, the pull can help you regain that long, lean, proportionate posture that most of us have lost over the years and counteract some of the negative effects of our daily lives. 


When performing this movement, focus on maintaining a stiff neutral spine which will engage the lats, posterior delts and biceps. As you build strength in these areas, you’ll notice better stability in your shoulders.   


To demonstrate this foundational movement, we’ll explore the Dumbbell Row.


Need to Shape your Dumbbell Row?










  • Rotate side to side
  • Look forward
  • Rotate the lower back
  • Allow your hips to be higher than your shoulders



  • Lock in your core
  • Keep the neck relaxed and eyes facing down
  • Keep your feet, hips and shoulders in one line and square to the ground
  • Keep the hips level with the shoulders
  • Engage the mid back
  • Lead with your elbow
  • Drive your elbow up as high as you can