Squats can be more difficult than you think if you’re not used to doing them. But once you’ve mastered the technique, you can do squats just about anywhere which is why they are one of the 7 foundational movements of In-Shape’s Move7 training system.  


So, what’s in it for you? Not only do squats strengthen and tone the frontside AND backside of your legs, they promote joint stabilization, increase dynamic mobility, and improve circulation. The primary muscles that fire during the squat are the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

All that from one exercise!  


Now, who’s ready to drop it like it’s squat?!




  • Stand tall with an active plank
  • Root your feet to the ground and evenly distribute the pressure on both your heels and the balls of your feet. Wiggle your toes to make sure you’re set up properly.
  • Start the movement with your hips, not your knees
  • Create apples (not applesauce) with your glutes by squeezing them at the top
  • Keep the spine stable



  • Lead with the knees
  • Round through the spine
  • Push your weight in your toes
  • Allow your knees to come forward and move beyond your toes. Send your hips back instead.