The seventh and final movement in our Move7 101 series is the rotation. One of the most under-trained movements, the rotation works…well..your rotational muscles. Think of those obliques running down the sides of your core, your core in general, and your hips. It’s also a great way to strengthen your low back.


We actually perform the rotational movement often in real life when we’re moving groceries in and out of the car, playing golf, tennis or even softball. All you racquetball and pickleball fans out there? You’ll benefit from this too!  


It’s important that we learn how to effectively manage movement during rotation to make sure that we increase core strength, improve balance, reduce injury, and strengthen spinal stability. 




Need some tips on how to shape your rotate? We’ve got your back…even when it’s a little sweaty!



  • Think of your body moving inside a cylinder
  • Sync your hips and shoulders so they move together
  • Initiate movement from your obliques and hips
  • Maintain a stable core that rotates around a vertical axis



  • Initiate movement from your arms and shoulders
  • Move laterally or side to side
  • Lean forward or backward


Believe it or not, with the rotation movement now under our belts, we’ve flown through the seven foundational movements that make up our signature Training System, Move7. Now that you know exactly how to properly perform each of these movements, you’ll be able to explore thousands of exercises safely and effectively.


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