The sun is out, the weather is warm, and the pool or the beach beckons. What better way to celebrate summer than with three mocktails inspired by a day at the beach?


Each recipe is rich with flavor but low in calories (especially when compared to the cocktail versions). Tropical mixed drinks tend to tip the scale because of the sugary mixes and liqueurs. But, it’s easy to leave out them out and still make a delicious drink.


These recipes will quickly become your summer favorites and deceive your senses into believing that the ocean is only a few steps away.



Hang Five ~ 69 Calories

Hang Five


- 3 ounces pineapple juice (50 calories)
- 4 ounces coconut water (15 calories)
- 1 tablespoon sugar free vanilla syrup (0 calories)
- ½ ounce lemon juice (4 calories)
- Pineapple and lemon garnish


Combine all of the ingredients in a glass filled with ice and stir well. Garnish with a thin slice of pineapple and a wheel of lemon and serve.




Heat Wave ~ 77 Calories

Heat Wave


- 3 ounces mango nectar (42 calories)
- 3 ounces light lemonade (5 calories)
- ½ tablespoon agave (30 calories)
- 2 thin slices habanero pepper (0 calories)


In a wide-bottomed glass, gently press the habanero pepper into the mango nectar with the bottom of a wooden spoon or a cocktail muddler to release the heat from the seeds. Add the other ingredients and stir until the agave has dissolved. Strain into a new glass that’s filled with ice and garnish with a slice of lemon or a thin slice of pepper.




Salty Dolphin ~ 52 Calories

Salty Dolphin


- 3 ounces grapefruit juice (30 calories)
- 4 ounces diet cranberry juice (2 calories)
- 4 ounces club soda (0 calories)
- ½ tablespoon simple syrup (20 calories)
- Salted rim


Run a lime around the rim of the glass to dampen it, then dip the glas into Margarita salt. Shake off the excess salt. Add ice cubes carefully so as not to bump off too much salt. Add the rest of the ingredients, stir, and serve.