This month it all about building strength! So, for In-Shape’s monthly fitness challenge, we’ve chosen one of the best total body strengtheners – the deadlift. We tend to train our front muscles the most. You know, the ones we see when we look in the mirror? The deadlift, which some may consider a back or leg exercise, is really a total body strength exercise. From strengthening your arms and hands, to your shoulders and traps, to your back and core, to your entire posterior chain and legs, this exercise HAS IT ALL.


Dead lifts are a fantastic exercise you should add to your weight lifting routine. They develop core strength, boost your metabolism, improve posture, build grip strength, work every major muscle in the body and produce a natural hormone release that increases fat oxidation.  In fact, some trainers would argue that if you had to choose just one overall exercise, it would be the dead lift!


Not only does it tighten and tone, since it’s a functional movement, after this fitness challenge you might notice it’s a lot easier to load your groceries, move to a new house, or do just about anything.


There are a couple of different types of deadlifts, which you can read about here, but this month, we are focusing on the traditional or conventional deadlift.


When it comes to a traditional dead lift, Maria Woodruff, a personal trainer from In-Shape Napa, offers these top tips:

  • Keep the upper back tight
  • Keep the chest upright
  • Place feet directly underneath hips
  • Hips should stay down as long as possible
  • Bar should remain close to the shins throughout the exercise
  • Push force through the heels