Protein is an important nutrient that helps us maintain muscle mass, encourages muscle growth and helps us feel full and satisfied. In fact, numerous studies suggest that a high-protein diet promotes weight loss and benefits our overall health. Protein powers our bodies, so it’s important that we get enough of it!


Whether you’re a serious carnivore or keeping your diet plant-based, we’ve collected 6 high-protein recipes we think you’ll love. Believe it or not, even these veggie options deliver what you need.


Black Bean Wrap (Vegan)


From Veggie Primer

 black bean vegan wrap


High in protein, made with healthy ingredients, easy to make AND vegan? Yes, you read that right – this black bean wrap has it all going on. It’s also an amazing grab-and-go meal for your busiest days.


Easy Salmon Piccata

From Café Delites

Based on a meal traditionally made with veal, this delicious dish looks fancy but is surprisingly easy to make – and made with protein-packed salmon. Super quick, super easy.


Carne Asada Bowls

From CookingLight

Don’t feel bad if this Carne Asada Bowl has you drooling: with 28g of protein, it’ll leave you feeling full and satisfied.


Loaded Portobello Mushroom Sandwich (Vegan)


From Veggie Primer 

portobello mushroom sandwich


If you’ve never used broiled portobello mushrooms as a plant-based substitute for burgers or meaty sandwiches, you’re missing out! This hearty sandwich is packed with protein and plenty of other important nutrients.


Turkey Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers

From Love & Food Foreva

The bright colors of these bell peppers make this healthy recipe a feast for the eyes AND the stomach. Quinoa and ground turkey are the protein-packed heroes of this dish.


Black Bean Sweet Potato Enchiladas (Vegetarian)

From COOKIE + kate

Creamy, hearty sweet potato meets black beans, feta cheese and spices for an outrageously comforting vegetarian meal.



Need even more protein? Here are some easy ways to add protein to your diet:

  • Add a sprinkle of almonds over salads, yogurt or oatmeal
  • Snack on lean protein choices like cheese, Greek yogurt, nut butter and fruit or edamame
  • Start your day with an egg-cellent high protein breakfast or a protein shake
  • Sprinkle chia seeds on overnight oats or add to a smoothie
  • Eat your protein before your carbs
  • Include a protein-rich food in every meal