Welcome to heart month! Not only are hearts a sign of love, but they are an awesome organ that keeps our blood flowing during workouts. In fact, the average heart pumps 2,500 gallons of blood daily and beats over 3 million times in a lifetime! 

As heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death for both men and women, it’s important to take care of your central organ. Jordan Davis, a personal trainer at In-Shape Health Clubs, weighs in on heart health and gives us a look into his favorite heart healthy activities.


IS: Why is it important to keep your heart healthy?


JD: Simple, a healthy heart means a healthy body.


IS: What food should you avoid if you are watching your heart health?


JD: Food that is high in sugar or cooked in grease should be avoided. Also, it’s good to keep red meat consumption to a minimum as you get older.


IS: What are some general types of exercises that are good for heart health?


JD: Anything that gets your heart rate up, such as cardiovascular exercises, is good for heart health.


IS: What would you suggest to someone who doesn’t like to do cardio exercises?


JD: Find something that you like to do that will get your heart rate up. Try indoor cycling, swimming laps, or even a Zumba® class. They are different from the traditional cardio exercises, but will still make you break a sweat.


IS: What do you like to do to get your heart pumping?



JD: I like to break my 45-minute cardio session into three different exercises for 15-minutes each. For example, I’ll do the stair machine, the elliptical, and then the treadmill for 15-minutes each. I like to mix it up so I don’t spend 45-minutes on one machine.


IS: How do you cater to people with different levels of health?


JD: Every client is different. This means different goals, levels of fitness, physical capabilities, and lifestyles. I have to tailor my programs to benefit each individual client.


IS: Which do you like better: treadmill or elliptical?


JD: I’ve become a better runner over the years, so I prefer the treadmill. I get a better workout on it.


Jordan Davis is a Personal Trainer at In-Shape: Stockton Downtown. His certification is through American Fitness Institute. Other than helping people reach their fitness goals, he enjoys being outdoors.

The content is strictly for general reference purposes only and is not promoting a particular diet or exercise program. You should consult your physician for medical concerns and prior to beginning any specific diet or exercise program.
Photo of Personal Trainer Jordan