You can’t BEAT (err should we say BEET??) the flavors and nutritional punch this smoothie packs. In honor of the anniversary of our signature Beatz RIDE our VP of Fitness Innovation and Education, Ralph Rajs, brings you Ralph’s Beatz Anniversary Shake!


He swears by it, “This is one of my favorite shake recipes because I get the protein I need to recover after a workout as well as the nutritional and anti-inflammatory benefits of three servings of vegetables.

Sneaking the beets into the shake makes it extra nutritious and gives it a wonderful natural color.”


beet shake


With spinach, kale, beets and flaxseed it’s a nutritional powerhouse. What’s more? It’s tastes great thanks to the apple and vanilla protein powder. After slaying in the cycle studio to our latest Beatz RIDE playlist, whip this up for a quick and easy way to recover, rejuvenate and rehydrate. 


Blend the following ingredients until smooth:

1 ¾ cup of water

1 cup ice

1 cup fresh spinach

1 cup fresh kale

½ cup frozen beets (available at Trader Joes)

½ Fuji apple or other favorite variety

1 scoop vanilla protein (I prefer vegan)

1 tablespoon ground flaxseed