This is a brief selection of books that have either already been adapted to a series or film in your Netflix/Hulu queue or very soon will be!


1)      American Gods by Neil Gaiman - As a comic book kid Neil Gaiman was always a favorite but this long form novel on the nature of Gods, both old and new, is an immersive fictional world that both magical and eccentric. The bonus of the newest audio book version is that it features the voice acting of the cast from the Starz series, including the exceptional Ian MacShane.


2)      North American Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud - This collection of short stories, and soon to be Hulu series, of American Monster Lore, from backwoods werewolves and not so angelic fallen angels, is a compendium sure to creep out the most die-hard horror fans. The audio book version features a grizzled southern narrator with a backwoods twang that brings home the ambiance of the book


3)      Dune by Frank Herbert - This scifi classic is primed for a reread as Dennis Velinueve, director of the acclaimed Arrival and Blade Runner 2046, is in production on the film remake. It’s a deep, long, read (or listen) that is akin to a scifi Game of Thrones, although as a fan of the original film by David Lynch, it is hard to not imagine Sting and Kyle MacLauchlan in their iconic roles on a read through.


4)      Doctor Sleep by Stephen King- I’ll be the first to admit to seeing the Shining at least 57 times and never picking up the book, however Doctor Sleep is a must read! Many are already saying that that this revisit the Overlook Hotel, despite being an amazing follow up to the Shining, is possibly one of King’s best written works in years.