We love podcasts at In-Shape and there is one out there for everyone. Be curious and try one of these on your next walk, run, commute or while you’re cleaning your house!

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
Armchair Expert is a weekly, long-form podcast hosted by American actor, director, and writer Dax Shepard and Emmy-nominated Monica Padman. Each podcast features Dax and Monica interviewing celebrities as well as journalists and academics about what they call, "the messiness of being human.” Dax’s goal? To get his guests to be vulnerable, honest and share openly about struggles and shortcomings. It’s funny, its raw and it pretty much features every big celebrity you can imagine.

Episode to Start With: #3 Ashton Kutcher

Tim Ferriss
There are certain things that you hear about enough times, that you almost feel that they are all hype, or at least have hit their tipping point. We danced around Tim Ferriss’ podcast for some time for just that reason, despite it being referenced in just about every other podcast we listen to. Tim brings to the table an excellent blend of science and self-actualization channeled through his own experiences and an impeccable roster of guests from Bob Iger to Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Episode to Start With: #409 Brene Brown: From Striving to Self-Acceptance

Beats in Space
A long-standing podcast from NYU by Tim Sweeny, the producer behind artists like LCD Soundsystem, Beats in Space has been bringing in DJs from around the world with a variety of sounds, from retro disco, new wave, hip hop and modern electronica. The beauty of it all is that is it an hour and a half of smooth, continuous, upbeat sounds, perfect for long runs, hikes or workouts.

Episode to Start With: #1036 with Pierre Rousseau (perfect for an evening run)

Jokco Willink
If you have ever seen those headlines online that read, “Navy Seal teaches you techniques to (blank)..” there is a 90% chance that Jocko is the source of the content. Similar to Tim Ferris, we dodged it for fear that is was just overhyped and shallow, of course we were completely wrong. Based around his book Extreme Ownership he relays leadership lessons from all of his experiences from military actions from around the globe. Usually starting with a passage from a book or literature, each podcast immerses you into a moment of storytelling and gradually teases out leadership lessons as he transitions into interviews and questions from the audience.

Episode to start with: 112: Life is Hard. So What Are You Going to Do? 12 Rules for Life with Jordan Peterson

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown
Researcher and writer Brene Brown has spent her life studying emotions and experiences that bring meaning and purpose to our lives. She believes we are hardwired for connection and that in order to connect, we much have the courage to be vulnerable. This newly launched podcast features guests from celebrities like Alicia Keys to researchers and doctors like Dr. Marc Brackett. You’ll feel, you’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and you’ll definitely dive into your inner world as a result.

Episode to Start With: #2 with Glennon Doyle on her new book Untamed

TED Radio Hour
We all love a good TED talk and this podcast is a great way to get the info from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about the world, our communities, and ourselves in the hour you spend explore the biggest questions of our time with the help of the world’s greatest thinkers.

Episode to Start With: In & Out of Love featuring Helen Fisher, Guy Winch, Dessa, Mandy Len Cartron and Katie Hood

The Daily
The New York Times’ daily newscast that is different from a traditional ‘news of the day’ update. Every day the podcast spends 20 minutes diving into a particular current affair with a subject matter expert to more fully represent and understand the nuances of our established systems. The last minute or two focuses on headlines in a, “What else you need to know today” segment.

Episode to Start With: Any, start with today’s.

Up First
Another daily news show, but different to The Daily. This is a ten-minute podcast from NPR that gives you the news you need to start your day. It features three of the biggest stories of the day and provides just enough detail for you to feel informed or to pique your interest to dive deeper.

Episode to Start With: Any, start with today’s.