Fitness motivation can be hard to come by, but with In-Shape Outdoors opening in more locations across California, there’s never been a better time to get back to your goals. Check out our tips below on how to get your “mojo” back and feel confident in your new workout routine.


1. Be prepared for the changes

Make sure you’ve got the app downloaded, you’ve reserved your workout time, and have your water, mask, and towel ready to go. If you still have questions, check out our page on How to Make a Reservation.


2. Prepare a workout plan

In-Shape Outdoors will look a little different than your usual club experience, so go with a plan but stay flexible. Our Outdoor Fitness page offers maps of each club so you can plan ahead. If you’re feeling unsure, we’re ready to help: we’ve prepared a 7-Day Cardio Workout Plan for you.


3. Make a fire workout playlist

Sure, there are plenty of workout playlists on Spotify, but getting back to your routine is important. Curate a special “welcome back” playlist that really pumps you up. 


4. Put on your favorite workout outfit

This will help mentally prepare you. No one wants to put on their workout clothes and then have to take them off without sweating.


5. Try a HIIT workout

Ever tried High Intensity Interval Training? These workouts are quick but effective: you only have to commit to about 20 minutes.


6. Work out with a friend – even if it’s virtual

While it’s important to maintain physical distance, that doesn’t mean you can’t be social. Team up with a friend and agree to text each other when you get your workout in, or reserve the same time slot at the club and give each other an air-five from six feet apart. Or form a group chat with all your fitness-loving friends and help motivate each other!


7. Just start moving

“Going through the motions” is okay sometimes. If you don’t feel fired up right away, start anyway. If you haven’t worked out in a while, start at around 50-60% intensity and slowly progress in your workouts. This will keep you from getting too sore and will build up your motivation.


8. A body in motion stays in motion

When you’re between club visits, keep moving. Go on a walk with the dog, play catch with a friend, try a virtual yoga sesh – anything that keeps you in motion. While it’s important to rest and recover, active recovery will help you stay motivated.