Calling all men!

Guys with six packs aren’t the only ones grabbing the ladies’ attention. The so called “dad bod”1 is typically described as “not an overweight guy, but isn’t one with washboard abs either.”

This body type is currently trending nationwide, as women of all ages are swooning over the more cuddly body type and man who seems to be more natural and humanly. Fans of the “dad bod”, would still want their man to able to keep up with them on their daily jogs.

So, any guy who enjoys a plate of chicken wings while watching the game and drinking soda, yet still wants to be able to keep up with their weekly pick up basketball game with their buddies, try these easy tips:


1. If you’re living in the city, and walking distance from your favorite grocery store, take the walk instead of jumping in the car. It can burn calories while also toning your biceps when carrying the groceries home! Or be sure to get the dose of cardio 3x per week!

2. On game days, get on the grill and impress your buddies with lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection chicken skewers. This is healthy alternative to the temptation of chicken wings, and can nearly cut down half the calories

3. Be the first one at the gym to catch up on all of last night’s highlights while watching the sport networks and keeping your heart rate up on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical. Then you can confidently spill the most recent news and be on top of any sports related conversation~

4. Most of us, whether at work or at play may have the option to take the stairs as opposed to the elevator. Though you may be huffing and puffing at first, conquering those 3 flights of stairs will be a breeze soon enough!

5. Though this may be the toughest one, do your best to stray away from the caloric sodas; invest some time researching the best low calorie beverages or simply drink water. Over time, expect to shed a few pounds and be extremely happy and energetic!


These simple tweaks in daily activities have the ability to enrich the health of your body. From taking the stairs every day to eating leaner foods, your body can stay healthy while still treating itself to those old habits every once in a while!