Who runs the world? Well, on June 5th runners will literally run the world. On Global Running Day runners from 128 countries around the world pledge to hit the pavement to inspire others to stay healthy and keep fit by running.


Running is a total body workout – builds muscles in your legs, gets your heart beating, burns energy, decreases stress, and is a great way to rock out to your favorite songs. Plus, training for a race and then smashing your personal record does wonders for your self-esteem!


Need an extra push to get over that finish line? Or just want to pack more mileage in before breakfast? Consider adding some strength training into your week; it could make you faster.


Why does strength training have the ‘muscle’ to do this, you ask? Well, some pretty smart researcher types had the same question. A 2014 study published in Sports Med reviewed the scientific literature available investigating the effect of strength training on performance in endurance athletes. They found the addition of strength training improves muscle power and performance through improving neuromuscular efficiency. Neuro-whhhaaaatttt???


Simply put, the neuromuscular system is made up of all the muscles in the body and the nerves connecting them to the brain. Without getting too dirty with the detail, a study from Applied Physiology found by making this system work faster through strength training, runners could improve their 5-km running times! Now that’s ‘raising the bar!’


So, as you hit the pavement, the trail or the treadmill this Global Running Day, think about how you can run faster, lighter and stronger by adding some resistance training to your fitness plan. And be sure to check out globalrunningday.org to get involved on June 7th.