Have no fear: a “sprint triathlon” doesn’t refer to how fast you have to go – it’s just a fancy name for a short-distance triathlon. If you’re new to the world of this three-legged competition, a sprint is the perfect place to start. Because of the shorter distance, it requires less time to train and prepare so it is easy to fit into a busy work or family schedule.




The triathlon starts with the swim. It can be intimidating if you haven’t been a trained swimmer, but luckily in a sprint distance the swim isn’t very long. Some start off in a pool while other sprint-distance triathlons will start in a lake or even the ocean.


After you tick off the swim, you make your way to the bike. This can follow a pre-marked course, or in the case of the In-Shape virtual sprint triathlon, you could even clock those miles on a stationary bike.


Once you’ve completed two out of the three sections of the race, you’re in the home stretch. It’s time to lace up those shoes and hit the trail, the pavement or maybe even the treadmill.


Essentially, as long as you swim, bike and run the distance of your race in that order, you’re officially a triathlete.


The critical component to any endurance race like this, even a shorter version like a sprint distance, is training to increase your cardiovascular function. But don’t worry, by signing up for a sprint triathlon and committing to the daily plan from our In-Shape Run Club coaches, you’ll be well on your way to adding “triathlete” to your many titles.



Go ahead, give it a tri. It’s a ton of fun, a great way to cross-train and features two components that are low-impact ways to increase your cardio endurance. Sign up today!