Wherever you are traveling this summer, it can be hard to stick with fitness and nutrition goals on vacation. Being out of your normal routine can have a huge effect and leave you unmotivated to stay on track, and it’s important to have some rest and relaxation without it throwing you off completely. Here are a few ways you can have an #InShapeAttitude while on vacation!


  1. Hotels with fitness centers

    A lot of hotels have fitness centers you can use for free. There are usually a couple treadmills, ellipticals, and some free weights. A lot can be done with that small area, so use it to its full potential!


  2. Workouts with no equipment

    If you happen to stay somewhere with no equipment there are plenty of ways for you to squeeze in a workout. Bodyweight exercises are a great way to keep up with your resistance training. A nice run (especially on the beach) can help you check cardio off your list. There are numerous substitutions you can make for a limited time that won’t disrupt your motivation for fitness.


  3. Planning food ahead

    It can be very tempting to stop in to fast food while on a road trip, or snack on a candy bar while at the airport. Try to plan your meals ahead of time to avoid tempting food. If you can’t pack a full meal, try to have a lot of high-protein snacks on hand. Examples of good snacks are nuts, bars, and jerky.


  4. Drinking plenty

    Thirst is a sign of dehydration, which could lead to you eating more. It is very important to drink plenty of water while traveling; not only will it keep you full but it can keep you alert. Trust us, it’s worth the extra stops along the way.


  5. Visit In-Shape

    Luckily In-Shape has over 70 clubs throughout California, so if you’re planning a vacation in our beautiful state stop on by! Check out our clubs to see which club will be closest to you.