It's important to stretch your body! We’ll give you some good reasons to start stretching before and after any physical activity or your workouts. Did you know it reduces the risk of injuries and lower back pain, and it increases your coordination and balance? Well, it does, and it can also help reduce muscular tension and so much more!

Try our favorite quick and easy stretching routine below to feel more flexible. (It’ll only take 5-10 minutes—so let's get to it!)

Girl Doing Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly Stretch

Sit down, bend your knees and bring your feet so the bottoms of them are touching. Press your elbows down on your knees to feel the stretch and hold for 60 seconds. (It’s easy to see why this one’s called the butterfly stretch.)

Girl Stretching Quad Muscle

Quad Stretch

Stand up as tall as you can, lift one of your legs behind you bending at the knee. Pull your leg into your glutes and hold for 10 seconds. Switch legs when you’re done and hold that one for 10 seconds too.

Girl Doing Hamstring Muscle Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Stay standing and start with your feet together. Step your right foot back about 2 feet behind your left foot. Then bend forward from your hips, holding your back and legs straight. Hold this one for 30 seconds, and then switch legs.

Girl Stretching Calf Muscle

Calf Stretch

Stand about 1 1/2 feet from the wall with your feet parallel to one another. Step forward with your right leg until your toes touch the wall. Place your hands on the wall and press your heel into the ground. Hold this for 30 seconds and then you know what to—switch legs!

Girl Using Towel to Stretch Triceps

Tricep Stretch

Bend your right arm at the elbow and reach behind your head. Take your left arm behind your back and reach up to grab your right hand. Use a towel to help you out if you need it. Hold for 20 seconds, then switch arms.

Girl Stretching Shoulder

Shoulder Stretch

Reach your right arm across your chest. Then place your left hand on your right elbow as you gently (emphasis on gently) pull the elbow across your body until you feel a nice stretch! Hold this for 10 seconds, then switch arms.