Adam joined In-Shape Mooney North four years ago as part of the housekeeping team but looked at it more as a place to work rather than taking advantage of his free membership and looking at it as a place to work out. In those four years, Adam has transitioned from eating fast food every day for lunch to now meal prepping all meals and snacks.


Adam wasn’t always this way. The first two years at In-Shape Adam used to constantly refer to himself as “fat” in conversations with team members. Despite his self-deprecation, he refused the support and advice well-intentioned Trainers and other team mates would offer him. In his words, “I shunned them all. My pride got in the way and I needed to first come to terms with myself inside before I could begin to make changes on the outside.”


When Adam stepped on the InBody machine to see 293 pounds and 50 percent body fat, he knew something had to change. He decided to get serious and opened up to different team mates who had previously offered to write him workout plans or give him nutrition advice. This mental shift enabled him to feel comfortable and supported before diving into a two-year fitness journey.


Importantly to prevent burnout, he started off slowly and worked out once or twice a week. After a couple months of sporadic activity, he worked with a Trainer to get into a full, but simple, routine. Consistency over time proved to be key to Adam’s success.


Just like he slowly started making changes to his activity level, Adam slowly started to make changes to his diet. Instead of eating fast food every day, he cut it down to twice a week. After a few months, he cut it down to once every few weeks. Today, Adam goes without it, but he does treat himself to nice dinners when he is out with friends. He also started to use an app to track his food intake.


Now 85 pounds down, Adam tries focuses on training all body parts twice a week. While lifting makes up the bulk of his workout routine, he does 15 minutes of cardio after the weights and then hits the steam room and sauna for 30 minutes after each workout to help with recovery. While he prefers to work out alone, he is now open to, and seeks out, advice from the In-Shape Trainers.


“I quickly realized that seeking advice from the Trainers and my team mates was just as important as doing the workouts themselves,” he said of his mental journey from where he started, to where he is now.


He eats a lot of protein to maintain his muscle mass and cut down on fat while he is in a caloric deficit. He still uses MyFitnessPal to track his food intake and has added intermittent fasting to his weekends.


When we asked him what the hardest part of his two-year fitness journey has been, he said, “The hardest part has been the plateaus. I've had 3 or 4 times when a month goes by and I don't notice any changes. Simply put, I had to work harder to break through. The easiest thing now though is being open to advice. I feel my honesty and transparency throughout the process has enabled me to go further than I ever go could by myself.”


“I can't state enough how much support the In-Shape staff has given me. I'm blessed to work with great people who honestly care for me and my well-being,” Adam said.


Adam stays motivated by setting short and long-term goals. He assigns time limits to his goals which keeps him progressing. The staff at In-Shape also keeps him motivated. “The cultural change working at in the last few years at In-Shape was huge. Everyone is passionate about fitness and we are walking what we talk. The new MOVE7 training system is legit and everyone at In-Shape wants to set you up for success. I feel that.”


When he’s not getting his sweat on, you can find Adam welcoming and greeting members with a cheery smile at our Visalia Mooney North club. Stop by and say hi!  We appreciate you, Adam!