At 28 years old, Ashely L. was 100 pounds overweight and struggling emotionally from a recent break-up. With a family history of cardiac disease, diabetes and cancer, she knew she was increasing her chances with her lifestyle. In her own words, “I was genuinely unhappy. I was not living my life to the fullest and I knew I needed to make a change, a big change. It was time.”


Ashely walked in to the nearest In-Shape and met with the Fitness Manager, Jennifer, and explained she needed someone to help her safely and effectively lose 100 pounds. Ashley wanted someone who could challenge her physically and support her through her nutrition journey. 

Jennifer set Ashley up with Mary Portwood who according to Ashley, not only changed her life, but saved it.

“I still remember the day Mary walked over to meet me for the first time. The buffest woman I had ever met in person, with an air of confidence to match, I knew I was in for it. I knew I was going to get exactly what I asked for,” Ashley said of her first encounter with Mary.


Ashley set a goal to lose 100 pounds by her 30th birthday, increase her strength and learn how to properly nourish her body.


“And when I completed these goals, I wanted to go to the glam and glitter capital of the world, Las Vegas, to celebrate and finally wear the sparkly glitter dress of my dreams!!”


With just over a year to meet these goals, Mary and Ashely went straight to work.


Ashely worked out with Mary every Monday and Friday to hold her accountable at the start of the week, and at the end of it. She would diligently do the ‘homework’ Mary gave her and every Sunday went to Mike’s Body Combat class. 75 per cent of her routine consisted of strength training and 25 per cent was cardio (which she refers to it as the icing on the cake, not THE cake).


Mary also completely revamped Ashley’s diet and changed her eating plan every month to keep her body guessing. Her new diet consisted of six meals a day that were made up of vegetables, a lot of protein and very few carbs. She cut out sugar completely and had to say sayonara to her morning cereal. To cut the final few pounds, Ashely went on a ketogenic diet and removed carbs completely from her diet.


“It is hard to remember all of the things and events that have happened in the least year and three months. A lot of sweating, swearing, crying, learning, eating, drinking water. All the sore muscles, new muscles, new veins. All the early mornings,” she shared about her journey.


“And it’s all come down to this day, my 30th birthday. I’m in Las Vegas, celebrating with my family, friends and boyfriend. I have lost 103 pounds, and completely and entirely changed my life. I will very shortly put on the dress I have been dreaming of, and go out and have the time of my life. I made it. I brought the determination and will power, and Mary brought the education and guidance. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher, I truly believe God sent her to me because He knew I needed her,” Ashely said.


To maintain her incredible transformation, Ashley continues to eat six meals a day, made up of mostly vegetables and protein, but has slowly reintroduced some carbs to her diet. She works out with Mary every Monday and Friday, and faithfully goes to Mike’s Body Combat on a Sunday morning as one of her 5-6 workouts a week.


We are so proud of you, Ashley! Your hard work, dedication and determination paid dividends! Keep up the good work and never lose that #InShapeAttitude!