Cynthia L B/A Everyone's fitness goals are different – some people want to lose weight, some want to tone up, and some want to kick a ball around with the grandkids. Whatever your goal is, we want to help you achieve it and celebrate you while you do. Today, we applaud Cynthia L., a member at In-Shape Ridgecrest for sticking with her goal of building strength and toning up – so much so that she placed third in her first NPC Figure Competition!
Cynthia always made her health a priority. She exercised and ate well to keep her weight down. When she turned 50 she decided she needed a clear plan to stay motivated for her future and wanted to quickly build strength on her small frame. Through word of mouth, she heard about In-Shape’s personal trainers and signed up.
Cynthia started training five days a week, twice a day. She split her cardio and weight training sessions so she could juggle her full-time job with her new fitness goals. She upped her protein intake and cut out refined carbohydrates. She also took to Sunday night meal prepping to help her to stick to her trainer’s recommended nutrition plan all week long.
In her own words, “I couldn’t have done this without Jenny’s help and support. She has a unique ability to be above-board professional and still make you feel like she’s a good friend when you train with her. I just turned 51 and am in the best shape of my life.

We’re proud of your commitment to getting stronger, Cynthia! Cheers to you!