Daniel Womack B/AI struggled with weight loss for 10 years of my adult life. At my highest, I tipped the scale at 409 lbs. and was not happy with the person I had become. In 2014, I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror at this weight and decided to make a change. Now in 2016, I am down over 140 lbs. and I am almost off the insulin I use to combat high blood sugar and my diabetes diagnosis. Through improving my eating habits and worthwhile personal training sessions, my body fat percentage is almost average and I am more confident than ever before. From the motivation of the personal trainers to the encouragement from the In-Shape staff, they helped me change who I am for the better and told me to carry myself with my head held high. If I had to give any advice to those who struggle with weight loss, the key is about staying consistent at the gym as well as the kitchen when it comes to obtaining your weight loss goals…you can do it!