Everyone is on a different fitness journey and each one has its own set of successes and failures. Sometimes when there seem to be more setbacks than major gains, it helps to know that we’ve all been there. It also helps to have someone supporting you through the lows to help you reach the highs, like a trainer did for Darla P.


 darla weight loss success


The proverbial fitness bug bit Darla when she started working at In-Shape in our member services department seven years ago. An added bonus of working for In-Shape is the free club membership and discounts on personal training, not to mention the gym downstairs from the office. Darla put these three perks to good use and started her fitness journey.


Back then she was putting in her time at the gym, but unfortunately not seeing many results. She continued to work hard, get up early and stay active on the weekends, but results just weren’t visible. It was discouraging and disappointing to say the least.


An emergency trip to the hospital to treat a bad bug bite revealed her skyrocketing blood pressure. It was just the wakeup call she needed to sign up for training with Oscar and change her diet to start watching not only her activity level but how she was fueling her body.


She overhauled her diet and cut out refined carbohydrates. She started to eat a predictable menu which was a key for her success, as was controlling her portions. Her daily diet usually consisted of a breakfast smoothie made of banana, peanut butter, almond milk, flaxseeds and chia seeds. She’d have protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner. If she was hungry between meals, she’d snack on almonds or cut up veggies.


Darla increased her activity level and started working out with her trainer Oscar three times a week in the morning before work from 6-7 am. She then doubled up and hit the gym again for a workout at lunch.


Oscar has been a key ingredient to her success not only because her sessions with him keep her body guessing but because Oscar gives her additional workouts to complete on their off days. He showed her some highly effective moves that she enjoys on the TRX Suspension Trainer. He also challenged her cardio endurance by motivating her to run a sub 8-minute mile on the treadmill or on the row machine.


Darla had been working hard for a long time before her results started to show and she started to get stronger. Her advice for someone going through the same thing, “KEEP GOING! Keep trying new things to find an exercise you love and stick to it. It will all fall into place.”


After Darla found her stride with her trainer Oscar and her diet plan, she successfully lost (and has kept off!) 30 pounds and a whopping 10 sizes.


Now she’s working with Oscar to get stronger and build more muscle. She’s added some carbs back to her diet and likes to finish her workouts with a protein shake to build mass. On days she isn’t working out with Oscar, or following his programing, she likes to hit BodyPump and takes her dog for long walks on the weekends.


Darla says she could not have lost the weight, kept it off, or built strength without Oscar. Her favorite thing about him? His patience! He always takes the time to show her the proper form before starting a new exercise, especially as she is a self-confessed ‘form forgetter.’


“I’ve learned so much about preventing injury and importantly how to lose fat and tone up! Thank you so much Oscar,” Darla said.


Darla is not only an awesome example of hard work and dedication to her fitness journey, but also behind the phones. As a member services representative at our Stockton Support Center she works hard to help every member with whom she speaks. We’re lucky to have people like you and Oscar on our team, Darla. Thank you for everything you do and for inspiring our members, and team members, to live with an #InShapeAttitude.