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When you’ve worked hard to lose over one hundred pounds, hearing someone refer to you as petite at first shocks you, and then makes you smile from ear to ear. At least that’s what happened to In-Shape Floyd member, Dawn. 


“The biggest challenge was literally the very first step inside the gym,” Dawn told us about her In-Shape Journey. Growing up, she always thought you had to be fit to workout at the gym. It was intimidating. When she joined In-Shape, she confided her insecurities to a staff member who let her in on a little secret – he told her everyone was too worried about themselves to worry about what she was doing.


This, plus the welcoming atmosphere at In-Shape, quelled her worries.


In her words, “I felt welcomed, I fit in, and there was no judgement. Everyone is a different height, weight, and strength. The hardest step is literally the step into the gym.”


She started working out once a week with a personal trainer Armando, and 3-4 times a week on her own, following his cardio and weight lifting plans. The first time she tried the battle ropes, she thought she was going to die, but now they’re one of her favorite exercises. 


As part of her get healthy plan, she also adjusted her diet. She cut out carbonated beverages completely, transitioned from three large meals to six small meals a day, and hydrated, hydrated, hydrated. She used to send photos of her meals to Armando for added accountability. She doesn’t deprive herself of anything, but rather has a ‘just one bite’ rule. With strong will power, she’ll have one bite of cake rather than a whole piece.


Now at nine pounds from her goal weight, she is in the best health she’s ever been in. It was never about how much she weighed or what size she could fit in, but rather how she felt and what she could achieve. She knew she’d made it when she could run for 45 minutes on the treadmill and when she started to see her arm and shoulder muscles toning up.


Her number one piece of advice for people starting out – realize it is you making a choice and not the world making it for you. And remember, the hardest part is the first step into the gym.


Way to go, Dawn! Your healthy lifestyle and #InShapeAttitude are an inspiration to us all!