Karen, a loyal In-Shape Palmdale East member, understands that perseverance pays off and that long-term weight loss isn’t about a diet here, or a juice cleanse there, but rather a complete lifestyle change.


Over three years of dedicated hard work and healthy eating, Karen has lost 30 pounds, 23 pounds of which were body fat (that’s a 6 percent reduction in total fat!) and lost a total of 20 inches. Her exercise and healthy lifestyle also enabled her to say goodbye to her high blood pressure medicine.  


When Karen first joined In-Shape, like many new gym members, she was intimidated by all of the equipment. She didn’t know where to begin or how to use most of the weight machines. She decided to sign up for personal training and has since worked with Briana for three years.


To, in Karen’s words, “Make it kind of fun,” Briana designed a program for Karen that first focused on the exercises she enjoyed. With Karen fully on board the exercise train, Briana then adapted the program to push her limits and she started seeing results. Every few weeks Briana adjusts Karen’s program to keep her body guessing and break through natural plateaus.


But her success story is about more than her lifestyle change and physical transformation. Briana supported Karen through a difficult divorce and according to Karen, helped her gain the confidence to never give up and go out and live her life. Briana would push her to achieve her goals at the club, which then rolled over into her life outside the club. Karen credits her sessions with Briana to building a stronger body and a stronger mind.


Inspired by her achievements in the club, Karen signed up for Ballroom Dancing, something she always wanted to do but never had the confidence to try. The strength and flexibility she’s worked on the last three years, gives her the stamina to dance for hours – even the very fast Viennese Waltz.


With a new passion and some new friends in her life, Karen says, “Joining In-Shape and meeting my wonderful trainer was the first step in my total life transformation. If it hadn’t been for Briana, I might still be on the couch, watching TV, drowning in self-pity and food and probably gaining 30 pounds instead of losing them.”


Karen would like to thank In-Shape and Briana for this huge change that started her on the road to happiness. But, really, it is In-Shape that would like to thank you, Karen! We love having you as a member and we appreciate you sharing your story with us. We know it’ll inspire thousands of other members!