Micah Hall BA

At 6' 7" tall, I was over 400 pounds. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and had been a Type 2 Insulin Dependent Diabetic for nearly 15 years. My future was definitely uncertain. All due to a prescription mix-up that caused my diabetes to spiral out of control. I knew I had to do something. My name is Micah Hall and my transformation and loyalty with In-Shape started in March of 2016.


I did a lot of work on my own with diet and exercise. I started slowly by just walking around my neighborhood. Each morning and every night, I would do push-ups and sit-ups as many as I could do. I started to see success, but was really struggling. At the request of my daughter, I joined In-Shape and started to work out each day. A dear friend introduced me to the group fitness classes. She took me to Cycling, Zumba, Cardio Fit, R.I.P.P.E.D., Ultimate Conditioning, and BodyPump classes. I met amazing instructors like Kristen, Becca, Heather, Jacque, Hiroko, Stephanie, Robert, Jamie and Stacy. My dear friend and workout partner kept pushing me to go when I needed it and pressed me when my motivation was low. My instructors also encouraged me to move forward in my journey as well.


There's a saying, "It takes a village to raise a child.", or in this case, a village to be successful on this transformation journey. For me, In-Shape was a part of that village. All the instructors helped me and I couldn't have done it without them.


As I sat at In-Shape one night, after attending a Cardio Dance class, I began talking with one of my instructors Heather (who also teaches the BodyPump class I take three days a week). I realized that if I had to pick one person at In-Shape who's been the biggest champion of my cause it would have to be Heather. Heather and I first met back in March when she was a substitute Zumba instructor. I was so impressed with her as an instructor that I wanted to take more of her classes. Unfortunately, she mostly did cardio-based classes at the time and at this point in my journey I wanted to switch my focus more towards increasing my strength training. That is when the universe heard my call. Our In-Shape launched the BodyPump class and Heather ended up being the instructor for that class as well. It was a Win-Win!


Heather was always patient with me and made sure she was available to answer any questions that I had. She taught me proper form for various exercises to protect myself and have safe, successful workouts. With that being said, she still gets on me if my form is off so I can maximize my workouts. Even on those tough days, she let me vent about my frustrations and when I didn't attend a class she would reach out to me to make sure everything was okay. I've met so many great people at In-Shape who have motivated and helped me along during my transformation, but Heather has set herself apart and has become more of a "big sister" figure in my life.


My goal has been to lose 145 pounds and I am well on my way to obtaining that goal. Medically, my blood work is within normal range and not only has cholesterol dropped, but my diabetes is history! Now that I am stronger and healthier than ever before, I hope to go into the Reserve Police Academy next year. My journey is far from over and I cannot thank everyone enough for the help I had along the way.