B/A: Pauline SIn February 2013 Pauline S. from In-Shape Ridgecrest, started her fitness journey to lose weight and turn back time on the scale. But after a few months, she couldn’t resist the addicting nature of her new healthy habits.


“I needed to be honest with myself and somebody to keep me accountable,” she said of her decision to sign up for a personal trainer right away. Her trainer, Jenny, designed personalized workouts for Pauline that continuously challenged her and importantly, encouraged her to try new things.


In Pauline’s words, “I started doing exercises that I never thought I was capable of doing. Without Jenny’s guidance, I would not be anywhere close to my present physical condition."


Pauline believes consistency is the key. At 165lbs and a size 14, the hardest part of her journey was simply getting started and incorporating the gym into her daily routine. She started going to the gym four or five times a week, following Jenny's workouts, and watched her portion sizes to decrease her calories. Now at age 59, she wears a size 6 and weighs 135 lbs!


But Pauline's journey didn't end there. Shortly after reaching her goal weight, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pauline credits her health throughout her cancer treatment to her newfound physical strength. She said, "I truly believe that being in such good physical condition helped me get through chemo and radiation. Thank you, Jenny for all you have done for me. You are the best!!"


With her cancer treatment finished, Pauline continues to work out with Jenny and joins in Boot Camp workouts two mornings a week. More than anything, Pauline believes this lifestyle keeps her young in both body and mind and says she has more energy, strength and stamina than ever before.


Congratulations Pauline! We are proud of your hard work and dedication to living a healthy and energized life. Thanks for being such an inspiring part of our In-Shape community!