Finding Strength in Yourself

Stephanie Laska B/AMany times in life we’re motivated by someone or something, but in some circumstances we look to ourselves for motivation. That’s exactly what Stephanie L. of In-Shape: Turlock did to reach her goals and to change her lifestyle for the better.


Stephanie first started by making changes to her diet and eating habits. She cut back on carbs and increased her diet of lean protein, fats and non-starchy vegetables, but she realized this wasn’t enough. She knew she had to get moving.


She started her exercise routine with walking and soon worked up to a jog. Her short jogs turned into mile-long jogs, and within a year, she ran and won first place in her first marathon. Since then, Stephanie has ran in six marathons. She said she often would convince herself to work out by lying and saying she could stop after ten minutes. This trick would keep her on her feet for a whole workout—not just ten minutes.


Stephanie joined In-Shape Turlock over a year ago to take her fitness to the next level. She wanted to cross train with weights and add yoga into her exercise regime. She believes the upbeat atmosphere and group experience at In-Shape has further pushed her to success.

Stephanie has lost 140 pounds, which was about half her body weight. She thanks In-Shape, but we know the real hero here is her. Congrats, Stephanie, and keep up the awesome work! We’re so proud to call you a friend.